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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Winners of the Flash Fiction Challenge!

From Rachael Harrie's Blog:

And now to the winners...*drumroll*

People's Choice Awards

First Place: Jessica Therrien (46 votes)
Second Place: Erin L. Schneider (45 votes)
Third Place: 1000th.monkey (41 votes)
Fourth Place: Claire Hennessy (38 votes)

Judging Round

The prizes below have been awarded based on the standard of your entries, as judged by a panel of 68 judges! Once the judges had determined the 12 Finalists, I decided which place each Finalist would be awarded. And boy was it hard, the entries were all SOOOO good!

Here are the Finalists and their prizes:
  1. First Place: M.C. Rogerson
  2. Second Place: Juliana L. Brandt
  3. Third Place: Barbara V. Evers
  4. Fourth Place: Jessica Therrien
  5. Fifth Place: Jocelyn Rish
  6. Sixth Place: Christine Tyler
  7. Seventh Place: 1000th.monkey
  8. Eighth Place: Candy Fite
  9. Ninth Place: Leah Denman
  10. Tenth Place: Christine Rains
  11. Eleventh Place: Alynza Smith
  12. Twelfth Place: Chantele Sedgewick 
From  Me:

Congrats to all the winners of the flash fiction campaign challenge!! All of the stories were wonderful, and I can't believe mine did so well. Thank you to everyone who voted for my story. Picture me doing my happy dance. Not sure what that looks like? You're writers...use your imagination. Me. Wiggling. Hopping around. Rocking out. Maybe a little air guitar.
Super thanks to everyone who has commented on posts, followed my blog, found me on Twitter, or liked my Facebook author page. What goes around comes around...I'll get you back!


    1. Congratulations Jessica! I loved your entry as well.

    2. Whoo hoo to you! Viewers choice and 4th place from the judges!! Your story rocked, and I'm so happy to see it richly rewarded.

    3. Hi Jessica! I posted another congrats on your FF page and I'm super excited for you. Loved your story.:)

      Also wanted to reach out to you with my email to discuss the prize donation. :) Congrats again.

    4. Woo to the hoo! And hey, I need to mail you all those amazing ARCs. Can you email me your mailing address?

      Congrats on the win!


    5. Congrats, Jessica. Your piece was wonderful, and you've proven to be such an interactive and contributing member of the campaign. Proud to be in your group. :-)

    6. Congratulations! I LOVED your flash (and the creepy image that went with it was perfect!) and am not surprised that it won "People's Choice" and that it placed so well in the "Judging Round"!

    7. Spooky-I hope I never see that door swing open. Congrats!