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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Loneliest Whale Board Book Release!

YAY!! My first children's book, The Loneliest Whale, is finally available as a board book. I couldn't be happier about how it turned out!

Now my littlest can enjoy the book without ripping out the pages, lol.

For those of you who haven't heard the true story of The Loneliest Whale, click HERE to learn more. He's a real whale who calls out at a frequency no other whale can hear, and they're coming out with a documentary on him this year!



Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My New Book

Hello everyone! I'm so glad this is IWSG day because I'm feeling totally and completely insecure right now, lol.

IWSG - Link to Website
So...I wrote a new book. I've gone through edits, beta readers, polishing. I even formatted the dang thing for pint. I mean, it's READY. As you may know, I'm one of the founders of Acorn Publishing. I have all the means necessary to market and release the book whenever I want, but at Acorn we have one rule. Give yourself and your book a shot at the big time before you publish through us. Try and get the agent and the major publisher. That way you have no regrets. You'll never wonder...what if I had tried?

That's where I am. I've queried agents. I've had a bunch of full manuscript requests, and now I'm playing the waiting game. It's TORTURE!

The worst part is there is nothing I can do to move forward. I'm just stuck in this limbo and the entire situation is out of my hands. There are two options and I'm not the one making the decision...If an agent makes me an offer, obviously I'll take it and ride the wave as far as it goes. If not, I'll move forward on my own with Acorn.

But how long do I wait? I'm not a patient person...

I guess this is a good problem to have. I should be grateful. Either way I'll be releasing a book soon. Unless, of course, an agent signs me and takes forever trying to sell it, and then doesn't sell it...see what I mean about being insecure? If an agent does take on the book, I'm going to have a really hard time giving up control. Any advice on how to deal with the waiting and anxiety over waiting?

See you on your blog :) I'm going to try running through the #IWSG tag on Twitter this time. So if you're on Twitter say hi! I'm @jessicatherrien

Monday, May 1, 2017

ILLUSION $0.99 Ebook Sale

MAY 1st - May 7th
$0.99 ebook sale and a $10 SIGNED paperback sale for ILLUSION.

Ebook sale is for Amazon US and Amazon UK


Paperback is on sale at $10 (US only) 
marked down from $14.95 and will be SIGNED by the author.

Link to Buzz & Roar Store:
Promo Code: 10DOLLARS

Summary of ILLUSION:

Daith's father is dead. His death caused a rip in the galaxy's peace. The remains of his army are fighting to restore it.

But Daith knows nothing of this. Her memories have been stolen. She has been kidnapped. All she knows is she has unparalleled abilities that could help end the devastation. Except without her past, how can she know if she's on the right side?

Time is running out and Daith must choose: to search for who she was or use her gifts to restore order.