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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Writing World: Uprising Book Blurb!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! I can't wait to see all the little cuties in their costumes tonight :) ...and since it is kind of an orangey holiday, I figured I'd stick with the theme and give you a taste of what lies behind the orange cover of Uprising (Children of the Gods #2). Here's the book blurb for the back cover! YAY!

The Descendants have waited long enough for freedom. 

Elyse has done everything she can to protect her friends from The Council's reach. As long as they believe she's dead, she has time to rest and train for war. And war is inevitable. 

When Kara arrives with the news that Anna and Chloe have been captured, Elyse is faced with the realization that no one is safe until The Council is stopped and Christoph is destroyed. She doesn't need a prophecy to tell her to lead an army. Christoph has done the one thing that ensures she'll fight to the death. He's threatened the people she loves. 

It will take more than the words of an oracle to help them fight against the most powerful Descendant alive. To break The Council's oppression and rise up against a plot so many years in the making, Elyse will need to get dangerously close to her enemy. So close, in fact, she may not survive.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Buzz: Divergent Movie Update

Finally we're seeing progress on the Divergent movie front! Last week Veronica Roth announced that the official director of the film will be Neil Burger. Pretty cool :) I loved Limitless, so I have high hopes.

Neil Burger
She also announced that Shailene Woodley is in final negotiations to play Tris. I didn't know who Shailene was before, but I looked her up. She was in The Descendants (the George Clooney version...for those of you who need clarification on that one *wink*). I watched a few clips of her, and she looks very much like I imagined Tris. The funny thing is, I always imagined Tris with dark hair. To me, she's a great fit. For those of you who imagined Tris how she was actually written (a blond) well, you might have a harder time picturing it.

Movie Tris
The countdown many days until March 21, 2013? Hmmm...still A LOT! Looking forward to more news about the movie though. Not to mention the third book, Detergent ;)

What YA books or movies are you looking forward to?

PS - Has anyone seen The Perks of Being a Wallflower? It's not playing in any of the theaters near me :( Super bummed! 
Is it good??

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Writing World: My Super Awesome Rockstar Agent

I know I usually post about my writing world on Wednesdays, but yesterday was a busy one. Still, I have some big news I couldn't wait to announce. I have a super awesome rockstar agent!! WooOhooO!

Let me back up a bit...for those who don't know the story of how I got published, things went a little differently for me. I got a lucky break at a writers conference and happened to meet my publisher, ZOVA Books (who are SO great btw), in person while I was un-agented. They liked my pitch and ended up signing me a few weeks later. Having attained the contract on my own, I decided I didn't really need an agent.

As I've gotten further along in my Children of the Gods series, I've started thinking about the future. With a baby on the way, I really need all the help I can get. I had the pleasure of meeting Marisa A. Corvisiero in person at the Southern California Writers Conference. It's a rarity to meet an agent from New York that you really click with when you live in California. I imagine most authors query, get "the call," and sign without ever meeting their agent.

After meeting Marisa, I knew immediately I wanted to work with her. Not only is she easy to talk to and friendly, but she's got the know, that super rockstarness you can't fake. Oh, and did I mention she's a lawyer and a mother to twin boys?! She's basically superwoman (I don't think she ever sleeps).

Thanks Marisa (and the rest of the Corvisiero Literary Agency) for taking on my projects and having faith in my writing!

Marisa A. Corvisiero is the founder of the Corvisiero Literary Agency and our Senior Literary Agent. During the few years prior to starting her own agency, Marisa worked with the L. Perkins Agency, where she learned invaluable lessons and made a name for herself in the industry. She is also a Literary Consultant at Literary Powerhouse Consulting and Attorney. Marisa has over ten years of legal experience in New York City.

Monday, October 15, 2012


I'm so happy that YA books are getting better and better these days. Ever since Twilight (yes, I dare utter the word...hush you Twi-haters) I've been on the hunt for THAT know, the one that grabs you, that takes over your mind, the one you CAN'T put down. For a while after Twilight, THAT BOOK was hard to find. In fact, I spent so long looking for it that I eventually decided to write the dang thing myself (that's how my Children of the Gods series came about).

Then of course I found The Hunger Games *Woohoo* It satisfied my crazy YA book obsession for a while, but when it was over, I continued on my search for the next big thing. Thankfully, YA has exploded, and there are so many amazing stories out there. I'm just eating them all up. Now, I have to admit, I'm a VERY picky reader. Not any YA will do. In between THAT BOOKS I'll often try a few that don't grab me. I'll put them down and move on.

Most recently my THAT BOOKS have been Divergent and Blood Red Road, but it's been a while...FINALLY I have a new THAT BOOK... Shatter Me *imagine beams of light shining down on its awesomeness* What a heavenly discovery :)

Of course I haven't finished it yet. If you know me, you already know I'm going to take my time with this one. I'm going to milk it for every ounce of goodness there is. The thing about these AMAZING books that I can't put down, is that they inspire me to write. So, when I run out of awesome, I feel all writers-blockish. Until I find the next THAT BOOK, it's important for me to ration the words. They're like little bits of inspiration each day to keep me going.

Also, Shatter Me has two covers (both equally awesome) here they go read it.

What's your THAT BOOK these days...and just for the heck of it, which cover do you like better? I like the eye one. It's kind of amazing.

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Buzz: YA Books to Movies

And the countdown begins...
Breaking Dawn

Beautiful Creatures
The Host

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones
August, 2013

Catching Fire


Blood Red Road
 (Rights purchased by Ridley Scott)

Friday, October 5, 2012


It hit me...the urge to organize all my little sticks into a perfect baby-tastic nest. Suddenly everything in my house is in its exact right place, and I'm itching to buy ALL the baby gear I need for this adventure. I keep telling myself...chill out. You have 3 months. Yeah...doesn't work. Wherever that baby nesting urge comes from. It's strong. I'm kind of creeped out by it a bit to be honest. I feel a little baby crazy. Recently, my brain convinced me that I HAD to put the cradle together or my baby-tastic nest might just fall to pieces. Don't worry. I listened...the nest is intact (wheeew).

Anyone else turning into preg-zilla lately? No? Just me then...hmmm. 
Okay, so what are you obsessing over these days?


Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I realize I've been a bit of a social media slacker lately. SO, I thought I'd make up for it with a 3 book GIVEAWAY! Up for grabs are two ARCs and my book. Now, I did read Anything But Ordinary, which was great. However, I'm kind of mean to my books, so it's not in perfect condition. The others will be nice and pretty and clean. I promise :)

Good luck!!

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Monday, October 1, 2012

The Buzz: Catching Fire

Okay all you Catching Fire Hunger Games crazies...

This will be short and sweet.