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Friday, October 5, 2012


It hit me...the urge to organize all my little sticks into a perfect baby-tastic nest. Suddenly everything in my house is in its exact right place, and I'm itching to buy ALL the baby gear I need for this adventure. I keep telling myself...chill out. You have 3 months. Yeah...doesn't work. Wherever that baby nesting urge comes from. It's strong. I'm kind of creeped out by it a bit to be honest. I feel a little baby crazy. Recently, my brain convinced me that I HAD to put the cradle together or my baby-tastic nest might just fall to pieces. Don't worry. I listened...the nest is intact (wheeew).

Anyone else turning into preg-zilla lately? No? Just me then...hmmm. 
Okay, so what are you obsessing over these days?



  1. Oh, nesting. I remember that uncontrollable urge to have everything in it's place. That was 8 years ago. I guess I had enough of that urge to satisfy me for the rest of my life lol!!

    You enjoy this time and do so even more when your little one arrives :-)

  2. When The Wife was pregnant with our first, she went to Philadelphia for three days. While she was gone, I patched holes, installed a ceiling fan, new closet doors, painted walls, painted baseboards, renovated the closet, refurbished two dressers, and had everything in its place by the time she got back.

    I don't nest, though.

  3. I don't recall the nesting instinct...of course it was 16 and 11 years ago! What I will say though is that I still obsess over my kids. I'm going to be the biggest basket case in a year and a half when my oldest goes off to college. Oh my! How did I get old enough for that???

    1. Haha! Maybe you're STILL you just don't notice the difference ;)

  4. Sorry, can't relate, but hope you're enjoying yourself.

  5. So cute! :) I haven’t had the time to obsess over anything fun lately. Too many projects!

  6. I remember the day. I think your body tells you to get going on it now while you can. Later, as you get closer to the due date, you'll want more rest. It's nice having everything ready for baby. Beautiful crib! :D

  7. Oh, I remember those days. It's nice having everything ready so that when the baby does come home all you have to do is enjoy him or her. :)