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Monday, December 17, 2018

Life Update - Baby #3 Coming Soon!

Hey All! It's been 8 MONTHS since I last! A LOT has happened since then. Baby #3 is expected in about 2 weeks. We have two amazing boys already and this little bun in the oven is a GIRL (yes...I am extremely excited to get girly in the coming years).

But even amidst all the MOM chaos that has consumed my life (in a good way) I've managed to write another book with the amazing screenwriter, Joe Gazzam. It's done, but he's shopping it around to agents. We'll see...If it gets picked up it could be a while before it's published. If we get impatient, we will probably publish it through Acorn Publishing.

Which brings me to the other baby in my business. Acorn Publishing has taken off like I never imagined. Hybrid Publishing is an amazing option for so many authors out there. Those who have the talent, but not the luck to land an agent, those who have been traditionally published but don't like the slow pace that comes with that route, or those self-published authors who are looking for support, community, and guidance. It's been so much fun to watch our authors and the company grow and succeed.


So, from one busy mom, author, business owner, life-juggler to another...

Merry Christmas, Joyful Holidays, and Happy New Year!! 
May the blessings keep coming :)