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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Writing World: Uprising Book Blurb!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! I can't wait to see all the little cuties in their costumes tonight :) ...and since it is kind of an orangey holiday, I figured I'd stick with the theme and give you a taste of what lies behind the orange cover of Uprising (Children of the Gods #2). Here's the book blurb for the back cover! YAY!

The Descendants have waited long enough for freedom. 

Elyse has done everything she can to protect her friends from The Council's reach. As long as they believe she's dead, she has time to rest and train for war. And war is inevitable. 

When Kara arrives with the news that Anna and Chloe have been captured, Elyse is faced with the realization that no one is safe until The Council is stopped and Christoph is destroyed. She doesn't need a prophecy to tell her to lead an army. Christoph has done the one thing that ensures she'll fight to the death. He's threatened the people she loves. 

It will take more than the words of an oracle to help them fight against the most powerful Descendant alive. To break The Council's oppression and rise up against a plot so many years in the making, Elyse will need to get dangerously close to her enemy. So close, in fact, she may not survive.


  1. Sounds great! I know you're excited to see it coming together.

  2. Love the sound of this! <3 Gorgeous cover, too!

  3. Can't wait to buy your second book Jessica. I've been waiting to read it ever since I finished Oppression!!!