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Friday, September 2, 2011

Campaign Game #2 - First or Favorite Post

Hey Blogger Bunch! Since the 10-Facts-About-You post was such a hit, I thought it would be fun to play another get to know you game. We all got into blogging for a reason (maybe it was just to blog for fun or maybe you're trying to sell or promote your book). Whatever your motivation for starting a blog, let us know by re-posting your first post. If you think your first post is super boring and really says nothing, then re-post your favorite post. This will tell us all a little more about why you're blogging or maybe just a funny story to make your fellow Campaigners laugh.

Make sure to post a link to your blog in the comments so we can check it out :)

Here's mine...

FIRST POST: March 13, 2011

Southern California Writers Conference (SCWC)

They told me I needed a website.

"What if I'm not even published yet..."
"You still need one."

I'm not sure if this counts as a website, but I guess it will do.  Nothing but good came from the conference, so I suppose I should listen to their advice.

Not only did I meet two of the most amazing writers/friends at SCWC, the experience may end up being life changing.  I submitted the first 20 pages of my completed manuscript for an advanced read with two agents and an author.  I never thought the author would open the door to opportunity, but she did.  She introduced me to a publisher who requested my full manuscript.  It was more than I could have hoped for.

I waited for two weeks before I heard back from them, and was so excited when I read the email that I accidentally smashed a snail as the jumping and flailing ensued.  Poor snail.  Brian said it was his time to go.

They offered me a Winter 2012 publishing slot.  It still hasn't sunk in.  I sign the contract tomorrow.

Here we go...


  1. What a great idea. My first post will be on my blog post haste. What if my regular days are Saturday and Tuesday?
    Loved that you are getting published. Congrats.
    That's why I started blogging, too.
    Oh, I have an appt scheduled and so my blog post will have to wait.
    Check back later, Clar

  2. Great idea. This if my favorite.

    Editing: Getting Rid of the Excess

    (Picture on your left hand corner)Yes, that is I. And I don’t look like that now. My bum is a little wider. And that six-pack is somewhere. LOL!

    Let’s talk editing. The first draft seems to flow and you add every word possible on the white screen that stares back at you. Flowery sentences, an over abundance of look, she stared, and the ever famous—she cocked a brow. I think we’re all guilty of putting too much junk in the first draft.

    When I ran track, I was somewhat plump and my coach so graciously said you have the engine of a Ferrari, but the body of an over-sized Mercedes. Um, was that a compliment? Yeah, I was overweight for track standards ,and I understood what he was saying. I needed to get rid of the chub, jiggles, the little belly. It’s okay to be a little overweight during the off season, but not all year.

    The same is true for writing. With the first draft, write away and have diarrhea of the words.(That's your off season) Pour your heart into your MS.


    When it is time to edit, you have to lose the excess and put on muscle. Muscle is good. Very good. That’s what makes you faster, stronger, and it might get you a whistle or two. I'm just saying. ;)

    Can you say the same thing with one sentence or do you need two? Does the verb you’re using pack the punch you want? Do you have words that you use way too much? Too many clich├ęs? Are you using—that, as, then, was, be, too often? Are you too wordy? Are you repeating yourself? Does it flow well? Do you have too much back-story? Is the dialogue moving the plot forward? Do you have obvious holes in your plot? Are you characters believable? Is the story moving too fast or too slow.

    You need to get your WIP in shape. That’s not easy. Some of us like our jiggles. But you can’t keep it in your novel. You have to be deliberate and cut away some of the things you love or to put it another way: Drop It Like It's Hot.

    You need to get your book ready for competition because whether you like it or not—it’s a competition. Agents are looking at query letters and manuscripts all the time.

    See what works and what doesn't. Losing the weight didn't guarantee that I would make the Olympic team. It took a lot of hard wok. Editing is hard work and at times, it isn't fun. I didn't like getting up early in the morning or vomiting on the side of the red mondo track because my coach gave me a hard workout. But I trained hard. Why? I had a goal. And it paid off.

    Do you have to look like the picture above? No. But your novel should. So put on those runners and stay the course. And remember--enjoy the ride.

  3. I've been blogging since 2009. This year, I decided to be more focused and wrote every day for the first month and a half. This is the first one I did this year:

    I typically write or focus on a writing issue — memoir in progress or Picture Books.

  4. Thanks so much for sharing! I can't wait to read your posts....I'm on the road to Vegas for Labor Day weekend so I am posting this comment from my phone. Blog with you soon!

  5. I just moved to my new blog, so my first post was back in July. In it, I stated my resolution to write more. It... sadly hasn't happened yet.

  6. What a fabulous idea! Okay, I need to go back to my blog and see what my very first post was. I am rather scared.

  7. Great idea! When I went back to find my first post, I realized that I've been doing this particular blog for almost exactly one year now. That was a cool realization!

    Here's my link:

  8. Great idea for the Campaign. And congrats on your publishing contract - to only wait two weeks to hear, that is amazing. It must be a totally awesome book! (based on the title it sounds like it too) :)

  9. Thanks so much everyone for playing and for the follows! Enjoying my weekend in the sun, but can't wait to get back and read your posts on Tuesday!

  10. Hi Jessica *waves*, I am green with envy of your weekend... send some very warm sun down here to kiwiland.
    This is a real neat idea and have did/done it... here's my link

  11. Here is my link. Wrote it early this morning but forgot to pop over and post in the comments til now,

  12. What a great first post, mine was something like 3,000 words and counting, it was worse than it sounds. If that's possible.
    I am in your Campaign group YA #13, just stopping by to say hello!

  13. Susan,

    I love this post! Congratulations! I'm still trying to get around to meet all of my fellow campaigners. (Thanks for posting on my blog)
    This is the link to my very first blog post ever, back in 2007.

  14. Great idea. You are a great facilitator!

    What an amazing story about the conference and meeting the right person (and having a great 20 pages). It shows, it only takes one person to love it. Thanks for the reminder.

    My first post:

    Now to focus on my 200 words...

  15. Thanks for playing everyone! I really enjoyed reading all of your posts :) Good luck in your 200-word challenge.