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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm feeling the love!

This Campaign is crazy-awesome. Not only did I just find out that The Soulless is one of the 12 finalists in the flash fiction challenge, but I've received two blog awards this week!

First, some thanks are in order:

Thank you Rachael Harrie for creating and managing the Platform-Building Campaign. You've truly changed my blogging world! Also thanks to everyone who "liked" my flash fiction story on her site or commented on my blog. I'm so grateful for all of it.

AND...Thank you a million x infinity x 7 Tia at Depression Cookies and Elizabeth at Elizabethannwrites for the blog awards!


Tia was nice enough to share the Liebster Blog goodness. This blog award goes to awesome bloggers with under 200 followers (although many will pass that number up soon).

Now it's my turn to hand out some Liebster love. To the following five:

1. Rachel at Rachel Bean
Her heading subtext cracks me up, "I read. I write. I control the world (well eventually)."
I read it. I laughed. Sold.

2. Madeline Mora-Summonte at Shellshank Redemption
Her flash fiction story was so well written. I still think about it. 

3. Avery Marsh at Creative Type
My favorite flash fiction piece of all.

4. MissMK at Twenty Everything
She's not a Campaigner, but she may be joining in for the fun. Her latest publication will be released in the Decemeber issue of Glamour magazine

5. Andy Rane at Andy Rane
His flash fiction story was 100% dialogue, which I thought was genius.

Don't forget to:
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3. Post the award on your blog.
4. Bask in the cama­raderie of the most sup­port­ive peo­ple on the internet—other writ­ers.
5. And best of all—have blog­gity fun and spread the love.


Elizabeth was the sweetie that gave me the "Versatile Blogger" award. 

To the following 15 I'm passing it on:

1. Rachel at Rachel Bean
2. Madeline at Shellshank Redemption
3. Avery at Creative Type
4. MissMK at Twenty Everything
5. Andy at Andy Rane
6. Jess at Write. Skate. Dream
7. The Blogger Girlz at The Blogger Girlz
8. LadyJai at Snippets From My Mind
9. Jocelyn at Exploring The Magic of Stories
10. Tameri at Tameri Etherton
11. Mina at Mina Burrows
12. Ryann at Novel Addiction
13. Bess at It's the world, dear
14.Kelley at Flowers for Ghosts
15. Ciara Knight at Writing to the Edge of Darkness

Don't forget to:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself (see mine here).
3. Pass this Award along to 15 recently discovered blogs and let them know about it.


  1. Thanks so much Jessica!! And congrats finishing as a finalist with your Flash Fiction piece! I LOVED that!

  2. Congratulations again on your spot in the finals! "The Soulless" was the one story that I still thought about long after reading all 300-odd entries. Way to go! :D

  3. Congratulations on "The Soulless" being a finalist. It is truly a terrifying story.

    And thank you for the awards! I better get cracking on posting and linking and all that good stuff. :)

  4. Thank you, Jessica! If you hadn't been one of the ones to give me the award, you would have been on my list of awardees. I've really enjoyed reading your posts and getting to know you better!

  5. So many exciting new blogs to click on, so little time! It's a delightful offshoot of giving the Versatile Blogger award -- you get introduced to all kinds of other blogs when you go back to visit your "awardees". This is so cool!

  6. Yay! I've really been enjoying reading your posts during the campaign so far, so I'm glad others are recognizing that as well. And actually, I nominated you for another blog award. I hope you don't mind! Check more info here: