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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Writing World: In Deep

Wow. So it's 8:00 at night and I JUST realized that I completely spaced my Wednesday blog post. I'm normally on top of these things, but I've been editing like crazy. It's amazing how much I can get done when I actually have the TIME to do it! Looking back, it seems a bit insane that I was juggling a full work week, keeping house, cooking meals, and devoting every spare minute to my career as an author. What is that, like 4 jobs? Sheesh.

Now that I have so much time to write and edit (and read...yippeee!) I'm finding myself completely absorbed by it. Get this...I even forgot about the internet today. AND I only turned on the T.V. once during lunch...ONCE! Me...who has a T.V. problem. So, let me just say that I may be a little more spacey these days, but that's because I'm practicing dialogue in my head and making crazy faces as I act out scenes silently to see if they sound good (yeah...I do that). Picture me sitting alone at my kitchen table making a mad face, then surprised eyes. Funny. If my neighbors are spying on me, they must think I've lost it.

In any case, I'm in deep. I'm really excited about Uprising (how cool is that? I actually get to use the book 2 title!).

Are you in deep with anything these days? 


  1. I love the title for book 2. And I love when my writing consumes me so much that I don't even notice the usual distractions. Way to go, lady!

  2. Sounds like you're living the dream right now. Good for you!

  3. If you're in the groove, go for it!
    And if I ignored the Internet for a day someone would come looking for me...

  4. Wonderful to get so completely immersed in your book and to know you've struck a vein of gold. Go for it!

  5. I should be deep in a rewrite but I'm taking a break to catch up on blogs. It's awesome that you're so immersed in writing, for you and us because we get to see the end product, right? ;) Love, love, love book two's title, and I can't wait to find out what's going to happen to Elise.

  6. A little happy for you and a little jealous. :-)

  7. I am in super deep into my graphic novel, Hollow. Since my illustrator and I just announced our release date (Oct 1st, YAY!!!) I've been an editing machine. And since he draws everything, facial expressions are crucial, so I can relate to the "making faces to make sure it comes across right" but it's pretty cool to ACTUALLY see it. :) And awesome that you get to use the title!!

  8. I guess we'll have to bear with it if you're busy in deep with writing. It's so much fun when you can write and edit and read because they all fuel creativity for each other. Wonderful, isn't it?

    Also, I like how Uprising counters Oppression :)