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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Writing World: Uprising Edits

It feels VERY good to say that I'm finally done with Uprising content edits (or at least this first round)...okay maybe not DONE done, but, done-ish. There's something about the first time you print out your manuscript to read on paper. That thick stack of words just isn't the same when it's a number on your computer screen. Now that I'm done with all the content changes, I'm doing my read-throughs, and I've officially got the red pen out to mark it up. Of course I'm finding small changes as I read, but I don't expect anything big to pop up (though you never know).

One of my writing ticks is repeating words or character actions (nods, looks, laughs, etc.) I catch most of those kinds of things on paper. As I was reading through Uprising this morning I was finding them (of course) how does my brain react? Hmmm...I better watch an episode of Vampire Diaries and analyze what characters do with their hands, their facial expressions, how they know, so I can fill in those repeats with other detail. Any girl's logical reaction to character analysis, right? No? Just me?

Okay, so maybe it was an excuse to watch cute guys and give my eyes a break, but it actually helped! As I was watching I was making my list. I don't was pretty fun.

I know you're all here to find out the good stuff, though, so I'll stop ranting about TVD and get to the cover. Lots and lots of you are getting anxious about the cover :) I too. I'll be revealing it shortly. Sometime in August I believe. I've seen a few drafts, but nothing final yet. When I do release it, I hope some of you will help me spread the word! I'll probably do a sign up form a little later for anyone who wants to participate in the reveal. You can also email me if you want to be involved as well.

What are your writing ticks and how do you deal with them?


  1. Congratulations! It's so good to hear that Uprising is finally making its way out in the world =D

    Also, I must say I am impressed by that TVD solution and you were making a list which is preet great. God, I miss it so much ever since I saw the Comic-Con promo!

    I'd totally be promoting the cover of Uprising and would love to partcipate in the cover reveal. Yay, this is exciting! =D

  2. That's awesome! You know I'll help spread the word.
    And I end up with a lot of nods as well.

  3. Hey, another round done is great news. I hope things go well with the writing ticks. If you have half as many as I do, you'll be busy for a while. Mine seem to be focusing on characters' eyes. Sometimes they're blazing, sometimes they're just seeing something.

    Can't wait to see the cover. Oppression's is so pretty.

  4. Oooh so excitig! Everyone has their own inspiration and if it works, who cares? Watch Iam Somerhalder gives me ideas too.. Hahahaha. Congrats on the first round of edits. I would LOVE to participate in the cover reveal if you still need people!!

  5. Does absinthe count?

  6. Yay for round one edits complete! That's super impressive.

    I am right there with you with repeating words. I once used the word "back" three times in three sentences (three different ways) and didn't even notice! I'm glad you found a way to edit that is enjoyable, too!

    And of course I'll be supporting your cover!!

  7. Congrats! Count me in too. I should be back blogging by August. (I banished myself so I could get the book done. Getting closer.)