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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

OPPRESSION - Virtual Launch Party RSVP

Hi all! Anyone want to join my Virtual Launch Party for the release of Oppression? It'll be fun. There will be dancing (virtual dancing of course). You'll have to use your imagination as you won't actually be able to see me doing my happy dance, but I will be...

Here's how to help me host the party:
In Oppression, Elyse discovers that her destiny is deeply intertwined with the fate of the future.

1) Write a post on your blog about fate, destiny, or whether or not you think things really do happen for a reason.


2) Simply write a post about the release of Oppression to help me spread the word!

I'll be giving away a free signed copy of Oppression to the writer of the best post.

Want to help me host?
When: February 28, 2012
Where: On Your Blog
What: Write a post that shares the news about my debut novel, Oppression.

Thanks to those who have already contacted me about posting on the day of my launch!

Rachel Morgan - Rachel Morgan Writes
Mark Koopmans - Aloha, and Hi from HI
Rachele Alpine - FRECKLE HEAD
Carrie Butler - So, You're A Writer...
Cherie Colyer - Cherie Colyer
Holly Kammier - Could Have Been Holly Wood

RSVP below so that I can post a link to your blog when the party starts:


  1. This sounds like lots of fun, count me in!

  2. Can't wait! Looking forward to reading your book and spreading the word! :)

  3. Ooh, I know how we CAN see your happy dance... ;-) You can video yourself doing it and post it here during the virtual launch party! Go on, I dare you ;-)

  4. Oh're daring me, Rachel? I might just have to do it now, lol. Thanks everyone for signing up!!!