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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oppression Blog Tour

Thanks so much to everyone who signed up to help me host my Virtual Launch Party for Oppression. I'm so excited! I can't believe my book will be officially out in 5 short weeks. Crazy.

I will also be taking Oppression around on a Blog Tour shortly after the launch from March 1-15.

The tour will include the following:

1.      Book Reviews
2.      Interviews
3.      Guest Posts
4.      Giveaways

If you are interested in having me over to your blog for an interview, guest post, or any other awesome idea you may have, fill out the form below:


  1. So exciting. I filled out the form. Would love to participate. Congrats on the big launch. Very fun!

  2. I am so diggin' your tour buttons! I stuck one in my sidebar to get ready for the main event. Woohoo! :)

  3. Congratulations! My second book comes out in five weeks as well, on February 28 - is yours the same date? Because that would be just wild.

  4. I'm assuming we're still good for what we discussed over email? Or do you want me to fill out the form too so you've got all the info in one place?