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Friday, December 23, 2011

Live.Laugh.Love...Christmas Kitty

I'm pretty sure nobody loves Christmas more than this guy...

I accept the fact that no one will love my cat as much as I do, but I just had to share my kitty's love for Christmas.

Meet Romeo. Single. Persian. Loves long naps on the couch and being bad to get attention.

Favorite food - Fancy Feast. 
Favorite toy - Laser. 
Favorite holiday - Christmas.

Not only has he made a fully functioning fort out of the presents, but he has taken to opening them himself (those claws come in handy). At least he helps me re-wrap them...

Merry Christmas Everyone!


  1. He is adorable. My siamese is the same way about Christmas. He gets so excited!!

  2. Super cute =) I'm a kitty lover also and have two: Pete (girl) and Puck (boy). Puck decided that he was going to chew through my my sister's already wrapped gift - a copy of LOLA and the BOY NEXT DOOR - leaving big holes in the jacket and the spine. Needless to say, I bought her a new one and now I'm the happy owner of a slightly kitty chewed copy. Even after all that, I think he's just the cutest thing. Your kitty is adorable =)

  3. He almost doesn't look real - like some type of super floppy stuffed animal. So cute!