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Friday, December 2, 2011

Live.Laugh.Love...Writer Friends

Okay, I'm going to be honest. I'm super blog-lazy right now. Forgive me if this isn't the world's best post. Lazy or not, I have to thank the universe for giving me writer friends. What would we do without them? They're the ones who actual listen when you feel like venting about plot frustrations, talking about character development, or when you have to tell someone about the amazing scene you just wrote. Most people will put up with your writer-ranting for a while, but the writer friends REALLY listen and connect, because they know. They know what it's like to pour your heart and soul out onto the page, how much work it is, how hard yet satisfying it can be when you make progress. And when you say, "Hey Holly, can you read these 30 pages real quick?" She doesn't groan or make a face like, 30 PAGES, do I have to? No. She says, "OF COURSE! Yay, I can't wait!" I mean, lets be honest here. Not many people are willing to do that for you (aside from mommies, sisters, and besties) but writer friends will, because they are a special kind of wonderful. Not only will they read that 30 pages, they'll read it again. AND AGAIN....with honest feedback, and corrections each time.

So, thank you writer friends:

Holly Kammier - author of Could Have Been Holly Wood
Christian LaMonte - author of Talis Springs
Candace Walsh - Ms. Poetic Brilliance
Allison Rogge - The World's Strongest Woman (and brainstorming extraordinaire)
Janet Jackson (no not the singer...but just as bad ass) - My Biggest Fan
...and of course Molly the Magnificent and the rest of the ZOVA magic makers.

Thanks for everything you do! I LOVE YOU WRITER FRIENDS!

What have your writer friends done for you? What makes them so awesome?


  1. Completely agree. Writer friends are DA BOMB!

  2. Lol, just posted about my writer friends. They are amazing!

  3. How funny...I read Holly's latest post five minutes ago! My writer friends have taught me the importance of connecting and socializing with other literature-obsessed-folk. ;) It's easy to get caught up in our writing caves... Stepping out to spend time with others who relate can make a big difference in our mental health (ha) and our work quality.

    Thanks for the insightful post!

  4. Hi, Jessica. New follower here. What you wrote about writer friends just knowing - that, I think, it the key. They know, and they support the heck out of us because writers are the only ones who really get it. Family can support, and we love them for it, but they don't really get all of it.
    Take care!


  5. bloggy friends are inspiring & encouraging =)

  6. Writers and blog friends understand the love for books, for the craft of writing...I am still new to all this but I already found the support comforting and encouraging :-)