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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Road Trip Wednesday - Supporting Characters

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This Week's Topic:
What supporting character from a YA book would you most like to see star in their own novel?

In terms of supporting characters, I find myself most intrigued by any MC's love interest. Stephenie Meyer had the great idea of actually writing a book from Edward’s perspective, but sadly that never made it full circle. I would love to see her do the same thing with The Host… Jared’s character (Melanie’s “soul mate”…lol…if you’ve read it you get that joke) is so mysterious and bad ass. It would probably be more of a masculine book, as I’m sure he did his share of alien killing and butt kicking. I would read it. It would be killer.

I find it so interesting how minor/supporting characters sometimes take on a life of their own. When I first started writing OPPRESSION, I had everything outlined. I knew what was going to happen and who would take part in what. As I progressed through the novel, there was this voice I couldn’t ignore coming from one of the minor “enemy agent” characters that helped “the bad guys.” I found myself writing chapters about her, and they were intriguing chapters. Well, soon enough she elbowed her little way into the book and became an integral part in the plot. It’s crazy how they do that….I would definitely love to write a whole book just about her. Maybe I will…

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