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Monday, October 31, 2011

The Buzz: Breaking Dawn

If you haven't already guessed, I'm still a Twihard. I know there are people out there who are "over it" (or so they say, right?). I'm not. To be honest, I don't see myself ever really being over it. I'll admit, I can be a bit obsessive. I was part of the Hanson craze back in the day. I may have covered every inch of my room in posters...and maybe I recorded every snippet of them on a collective VHS tape labeled DON'T TOUCH....and so what if I stapled their names into my bedroom wall. You get the point.

So for all those out there who have moved on, don't judge. For those like me....tomorrow is FINALLY NOVEMBER!! 


  1. The people will certainly go crazy for this one!!

  2. Ha ha! Twilight will always have a soft place in my heart becasue it pushed me harder to become a writer, but I'm not a huge fan of Breaking Dawn, period. I'm still going to see the movie on opening weekend though :)

  3. Don't worry, Jessica. I had a Hanson phase, too. ;)

  4. I'm a member of the Los Angeles Twilight Lovers group and I'm taking 2 of my gals to the Taylor Lautner taping on the Tonight Show tomorrow (later today). We were interviewed on and I got to reenact the spider monkey scene with comedian Kevin Avery. (You can see the 3 second clip on my blog :D)'re in good company girl. lol

    Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Ok. I will admit that I'm not as crazy as Twilight as I once was, but I'm definitely not "over it" either. I still enjoy the stories, and I still go and watch each movie when it comes out, and I still show each new trailer to my classes at the boarding school where I teach (and the girls all go insane!).