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Monday, April 4, 2011

Sierra Booster Article

They printed it!  After days and days of bugging my sister on a near constant basis, I finally got to see the article.  Thanks Jan Buck for sharing my story.  

Sierra Booster is a newspaper serving the eastern sierras including but not limited to the Sierra Valley, Downieville, Loyalton, Sierra County and Portola, Graeagle, Quincy, Greenville, Chester, Lake Almanor and all of Plumas County. Our coverage extends to Truckee, Truckee Meadows Region, Lake Tahoe and in the North Reno Nevade area.

The Article:

JESSICA THERRIEN, former Chilcoot resident, is now a debut author promoting her upcoming novel, The Descendants.  She has recently signed her first publishing contract with ZOVA Books.

After attending school in Loyalton from kindergarten to high school, Jessica actually moved her senior year to southern California and graduated in 2003 from Glendale High School.  Jessica attended Cal State Long Beach for three years, where she says she discovered Chinese, and ultimately majored in it.  In 2006, she studied abroad for a year in Taiwan and developed her language skills further, and graduated from San Diego State University in 2008.

Jessica currently lives in Chula Vista with her fiance, with plans to be married on July 4, 2011, so her publisher suggested she use her soon-to-be married name, Jessica Therrien.

The Descendants tells the story of a young woman who discovers she belongs to a secret society of individuals with extraordinarily long life spans and unusual abilities.  Fearful of prophecies about their only daughter, her parents kept her hidden from the world and society as long as they could.  When their own untimely deaths leave her to fend for herself, the truth of her origins and fateful prophecy find her at last.

"What inspired my novel was my search for the next big thing.  After reading through the Twilight Saga, the Hunger Games Trilogy, the Harry Potter Series, I was eager to dive into something just as compelling.  After reading a few other Young Adult books, I just wasn't finding it, so I decided I would write it.  Being a fan of the genre, I felt I knew what people like me were looking for in a YA novel, and with an English teacher for a mother, I felt I had the education and ability to write an interesting story."

Jessica's paranormal romance/adventure promises to be the next fan-favorite in its genre.


  1. Congratulations my dear Jessica! You have grown into a brilliant beautiful woman! I am so proud of you and what you have done for yourself throughout the years! A long way from that sweet adorable little girl I used to babysit. My thoughts are with you on your venture into publication and every other joy that comes towards your path of life. Love, Shay

  2. Awesome!!! You know what? Now everyone from Sierra Valley from past/present/future will have someone famous to brag about from their hometown! That is totally cool.
    I am so proud of you Jess for going after the thing you wanted to do, and for being so patient with the writing process. So glad to see you kept at it, and finished it! You are one fabulous woman! Oh and I am VERY excited to read it, so I hope the others have a release date soon after...

  3. That is so amazing. Congratulations. Every one from Sierra Valley is talking about how they use to know you. :)