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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Cure to Baby Fever

The word busy just doesn’t cut it these days.  I’m swamped, overloaded, wait-what day is it, crazy-busy.
My weekend went like this:

Friday – Clean house (do laundry, vacuum, kitchen, bathrooms, kitty room, aaaah!). Cook Dinner.  Drive up north to Tustin at 7:00PM. Edit for a few hours.  Sleep.
Saturday – Wake up.  Edit. Go pick up invitations.  Assemble invitations (which took FOREVER)….then big gaping hole in memory from mind-numbing invitation assembling.  Maybe editing?  Who knows?
Sunday – Wake up.  Edit.  Church.  Work on guest place cards.  Order guestbook.  Figure out table seating.  Dinner.  Seal invitations.  Pass out.
Monday – Too busy to go to work.  Drive to Pasadena.  Send invitations.  Wedding dress fitting (yay!).  Drive from Pasadena to San Diego during afternoon LA traffic (3.5 hours gone).  Home.  Eat.  Sleep.
Tuesday – Work.

As a long-term sufferer of baby fever, I can finally say for the first time in maybe five years, that I am glad I am not a mommy.  I honestly can’t imagine what I would do if I had kids right now.  I have a newfound respect for writer/working moms.  They deserve their own special lane on the freeways or something…My sister is one of these wonder women (luckily I get my baby fixes from her when the fever flares up).  She is 4 months pregnant and has the cutest 18-month-old on the planet.  For those of you who need a baby fix, I don’t mind sharing. 

Anyway, my point is that any tiny little moment of spare time I have these days has been devoted to editing.  I’ve even had to give up some of my mind-rotting T.V. shows (SOME – not all).  I would say I am about 40% done.  I have the border of the puzzle complete and the main plot points are put together, but there are still some holes.  It actually has been pretty fun trying to fill the holes, coming up with creative ways to connect the pieces instead of just jamming them together because that’s what comes next.  I’m not a patient person though, and as long as the project is in a state of incompletion, my mind will not be at ease.  I like things structured, pretty, perfect, finished.  The Descendants (although it will be there soon) is not there yet.  Until that day comes…baby fever has met its match.


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