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Thursday, March 1, 2018

Writing Updates

Originally I planned to take a writing break after the release of CARRY ME HOME in September. I imagined myself sleeping in piles of books, finishing that T-shirt quilt I started ten years ago, or maybe even (*gasp*) watching TV! But I'm an insane work-o-holic who doesn't know when to quit. When screen writer and novelist, Joe Gazzam, approached me about co-writing a kick-ass action book called DISAVOWED, I couldn't say no. He's a great writer and I liked the idea, so I dove in head-first. Since then I've been cooped up in my writing-cave cranking out the next book. I'm so excited to announce the final draft is done and with Joe's manager/agent or whoever those higher-up-type people are. we wait. I guess I should take that break I was dreaming about...

*Opens computer to write next book*

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  1. That was such a great opportunity - you couldn't pass it up.