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Thursday, April 27, 2017

2017 LA Times Festival of Books!

What a blast. Every year I love this festival more and more. What's better than a gathering of readers, writers, book lovers, and all things books?!

It was a busy one...and HOT! I actually got heat sickness that first day and didn't think I'd be able to make the second, but I'm SO glad I did. Not only did the temp drop a blissful 10 degrees, but we walked away with 2 potential interns, dozens of submissions, and almost completely sold out of our books!

Usually our main focus at these events is to sell our books. My author friend and I are there to sign and meet readers, but that has sort of changed with the growth of our business, Acorn Publishing. It really was a different experience this time. We spent nearly the entire day (both days) talking to fellow writers who were excited by our company!

Over the years I've met a lot of aspiring authors who've come to me asking advice on how to get published. At Acorn we truly believe every author should shoot for the top. Try and get an agent and a major publishing deal that will land you on the NY Times best-seller list. If you don't try, you'll regret it. But many HAVE tried. Let's face it, it's HARD to get an agent these days. Near impossible if you don't know someone or have an insane amount of luck (not to mention a flawless, page-turning, polished manuscript). Anyway, my point is, it was so nice to be able to offer an option to GOOD writers who are completely discouraged by the process. If felt so good to say, "Sure! Submit your book, maybe we're the exact right place for you."

All in all, I enjoy talking to other writers about their manuscripts, so we really had fun.

If you're interested in how Acorn Publishing is different from the traditional publishing experience, you can find out more HERE.

We'll also be posting an FAQ on our website soon, or you can always email us at to ask any questions at all.

Write on my friends!!!


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