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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

IWSG - Reading What I Write

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How has being a writer changed your experience as a reader?

Reading is such a challenge with my two little ones at home, but I make it work. It's so important to read, especially if you're an author. Being a writer has definitely changed my experience as a reader. I only really allow myself to read what I'm writing at the time. I was in the YA world for years while writing my YA series. For me, whatever I'm reading really impacts the way I write. For some reason it puts me in that mood, and I couldn't write good YA while reading something outside of that realm. If I did, it would ultimately bleed into my writing and stand out.

I love YA, but it was really nice to read other stuff while writing my newest manuscript. I finally got to read SHANTARAM (amazing!), indulge in WILD, and now I'm reading all my favorite books from when I was a kid as I write my new MG novel: WHERE THE RED FERN GROWS, MY DANIEL, HATCHET, BANNER IN THE SKY, HARRY POTTER!!

Anyone reading anything awesome lately?!


The Author's Circle Awards are now open for submissions! To enter for the Novel of Excellence award, your book does NOT need to be published in 2016. Give it a shot! You're worth it. New to play to win! ;)

*Books DO NOT need to be published in 2016 to qualify
Deadline 4/31/17

Categories: Romance, Paranormal, Dystopian, Fantasy, Women's Fiction, Religious/Cultural, Memoir, Children's Fiction, Mystery, Poetry, Science Fiction, Historical Fiction, Graphic Novel

*Books must be published in 2016 to qualify
Deadline 4/31/17

Categories: Fiction, Non-Fiction, Young-Adult, Middle-Grade, Children's, Illustrator of the Year, Cover of the Year


  1. I've been reading Dennis Lehane latelty--Shutter Island, and I'm working my way through Mystic River. It takes me awhile to read him, because he writes with such an emotional punch, its not a book I can read from cover to cover without moving from the couch. It is better digested ins sips and bites. Good luck with your writing.

  2. Glad you can now read outside of that genre. It will really help with your own. (While not messing with your young adult stuff.)

  3. Hi, Jessica, nice to meet you. I love to read a variety of genres. And like you, when I'm writing, I tend to stick with YA books, since that's what I typically write. I believe reading is essential, and you're right about it impacting us as writers.

    I've read all the Harry Potter books twice.

  4. I've been re-readinging my Dean Koonz novels lately. Winter Moon, last week. As an author, I hope that reading his books will influence my writing, maybe help improve it. But I also find that the writer in me is not silent as I read; she critiques and notes several stylistic issues in his writing.

  5. What I read impacts my writing, too. I added a fun date scene into my current WIP after reading a book with a lot of fun dates/romance. :P

    Thanks for announcing the awards!

  6. Since beginning to write YA i pretty much only read YA, but I tend to read in the genre that I'm NOT writing in, so if I'm writing realistic, then I'll read dystopian or paranormal,and if I'm writing paranormal, then I'll read realistic. Thanks for sharing the info about the awards! Christy