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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Author's Circle Awards - Accepting Submissions for 2016 Awards

We had a very fun and exciting weekend! Acorn Publishing is growing, and I'm so proud of the group of authors we represent. Holly and I made things official on Saturday and even opened our business account....ooooh, super professional!!

This whole thing started with a love for writing, and with that came a love for WRITERS. We live to help out our fellow authors and that's what Acorn Publishing is about. But the two of us are uber over-achievers and weren't satisfied with just ONE way to assist writers on their journey to become published. So....

We came up with the AUTHOR'S CIRCLE AWARDS!! Since our awards program is fairly new, unknown authors have a great chance of winning. Giving our fellow authors bright and beautiful gold seals to slap on their covers helps us and it helps them! Our company grows and the winners get recognition for their work. By announcing these winners, we get to advertise our company but also promote great books. It's a win win all around.

We're so excited that this Sunday Robyn Engel's book, A Woman on the Verge of Paradise, was featured in the LA Times Newspaper. How exciting is that?

If you're an author or know an author, we hope that you check out our Author's Circle Awards. Hey...maybe even never know :)

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