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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Halloween Cuties & Book News

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! Ours was great, and my little guys were SO excited. Here are a few pics of them dressed up :)

In book news....

UPRISING (Children of the Gods #2) is available in audio book!

OPPRESSION (Book 1) came out in September, and REDEMPTION (Book 3) is being recorded right now! Eeeeee! Thank you Maria are the PERFECT Elyse :)

My children's book, THE LONELIEST WHALE, is coming along! I have gotten some color drafts that are still works in progress, but I just LOVE's a little sneak peek!

Hmmm, what else? I finished all of my edits on the new manuscript, so I'm doing a final read-through! YAY! It feels so good :)

Oh...and I released a CHILDREN OF THE GODS box set, which is going on sale for $0.99 from Nov. 13-22! Ta-da! Keep an eye out...

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  1. Your kids look cute.
    Congratulations on your next audio! I was so unsure of what to expect when mine came out on audio, but it's actually really cool.