From Imagination To Publication

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

My New Children's Book - THE LONELIEST WHALE

Exciting news! I'm publishing my first children's board book. It's called THE LONELIEST WHALE, and it was inspired by a true BBC story about a whale who sings at a level no other whale can hear. It combs the ocean, calling out for companionship that never comes.

My illustrator (and long-time friend) Dorene Uhrich, is working on the initial sketches, and guess what? I have a sneak peek for you!

We're trying to decide on the best font. Of course we have our favorite, but which do you like better?

Thanks for your input. Read the true BBC story here!


  1. That's awesome! How sad no other whale can hear that poor guy.
    I'd say the second font because it's easier for kids to read, but I like the first one better. I guess crack open some kids books and see what is the norm.