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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Cover Reveal: IDENTITY by Christa Yelich-Koth

YAY! This is exciting because I'm beta reading this book. If you haven't checked out ILLUSION (book 1) make sure you do before IDENTITY comes out!

IDENTITY is a conspiracy-filled space opera that concludes the story of Daith Tocc, a woman with incredible powers being manipulated by the man who stole her memories.

Daith Tocc has discovered some incredible things about herself: she is smart, charming, and has psionic powers that allow her to sense emotions, melt physical objects, even heal or injure with a thought. The problem is, she doesn't have any memory of who she used to be.
Regardless, Daith has made a decision about how to move forward with her life. But someone from her past knows the truth about her---a truth that could shatter her decision---and unleash the hidden depths of her powers on the Eomix Galaxy.

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  1. Those covers are awesome! And the story sounds pretty intriguing too. I'll definitely have to check it out.