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Saturday, January 9, 2016

R&R Challenge Review #3: BECOMING by Debra Kristi

**My Review Style Disclaimer (very official, I know...)
I do not do a 1-5 star rating system with my reviews. Honestly, whether a book is "good" or not completely depends on the reader. A book that I rate 5-stars may end up being a 2-star book for you and vice versa. So really, what's the point of that anyway? In the end, I feel like ratings end up hurting people's feelings, so my reviews will just be my reaction to the book after reading it...

I'm not the best at recaps...I kind of figure the author went through the trouble of summarizing the book the best he or she can with the back cover blurb, so why try and re-word it? That being said, here is what the book is about:

Ana’s world is falling apart. What she thought were dreams start entering her waking life. Eerie shadows hunt her. Her dream guy becomes reality. And strange new abilities begin developing. Ana is becoming something other.

She is determined to find answers, but where to turn? Her mom and best friend are keeping secrets. Her older sister is dead and exists only in her dreams. And her younger sister thinks they are goddesses.

Above all else, dark forces will stop at nothing to crush Ana – to keep her from restoring balance. To keep her from…becoming.

Is love and blood and sisterhood enough to stop the dark secrets and power from destroying her?

My Review

This book has been my companion for some time now. It stayed with me through holiday madness, two rounds of the flu, and kept me entertained while rocking my baby to sleep. I kind of miss it now that it's not in my purse, night stand, or next to my morning coffee. It's always fun reading a friend's work, because the book becomes a little more personal.

Ana's journey is a mysterious one. After all, she's BECOMING something. What exactly? Not even she knows at first...

It kind of drives me crazy when I'm kept in the dark about things. So it was a little torturous to follow along with Ana...who happens to be, you guessed it, IN THE DARK about a lot of things. It kept me reading, that's for sure. Plus, Debra Kristi has a way with words. I actually dog-eared a few pages with beautifully written sentences.

If you're looking for a full-fledged fantasy with some sexy-eyed love interests. This one is for you!

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  1. Hey! Thanks for the fabulous recap! I just got back in the states or I would have made it here sooner.