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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Just a Bit of Brain Vomit...

This post is many things. It's me with no focus. No writing project going. No editing. No formatting issues to dwell on. This is me being a chicken with my head cut off...thinking all the things I think.

1. I started a new book today. Reading for pure pleasure is something I haven't had time for in months. Now that my books are finished...(and that alone is it's own strange world of "now whats") I have time for things. Keep in mind that "time" in Mommy-terms means 15 minutes while toddler is distracted with ipad and baby is content chewing on a rubber ducky. Still, somehow being a Mommy turns you into a super-human. Amazing things can happen in 15 minutes.

2. That new book happens to be CHERRY by Mary Karr. I have no idea if I'm going to like it. It's a memoir. I write and read YA. BUT...this leads me to the next "now what" in my new world of random 15-minute freeness...I bought this memoir on purpose. I have a story in mind. My next writing project. I'm hoping to be inspired. We shall see...

3. This one is for all the writers out there. As I opened CHERRY by Mary Karr, I noticed something on the first page. Hyphens. A TON of them! I know this is weird to probably 90% of people reading this, but word spacing, right/left justification, and hyphenation were the things I struggled with most when re-drafting my series for release. Words don't just magically appear on the book page in perfect order. I scrutinized every sentence. 3 books (almost 1,000 pages) adds up to A CRAP TON of sentences. Anyway, the fact that I saw 6 hyphens on the first page of the most famous memoir in who-knows-how-long made me feel better about my copy editing choices.

4. All those hyphens made me realize something. I really should do a DIY formatting post for authors out there who have no clue how to start. I was terrified at first. Now it all seems so easy. I need to share this knowledge because I would have loved to stumble upon a post with all the how-to's.

I'll post about it soon...

Bleh. That was just a little bit of my brain vomit, lol. I guess I should start writing something new before I go nuts ;P

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  1. Maybe in reading that book, your idea will turn into a real story idea. I do know the feeling of 'what do I do now?'