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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Book 3 Questions & Answers

Now that I'm back I wanted to answer some of the questions I've been getting through email.

1.  When will book 3 be out?

I'm working on a specific release date with my Acorn Publishing team. We're narrowing in on the end of this year. Although I don't expect things to get delayed, you never know. I'll be announcing a specific release date shortly.

2. When will book 3 be out in France and Canada?

I wish I knew the answer to this. I do know that nothing will change with the French versions of the books. The covers will be the same, and they won't be pulled from the market while I re-release the English version. I'll be contacting the French publisher soon so I'll let you know.

3. How can I buy your book? I can't find it online...

Now that my books will be published by Acorn Publishing they've been removed from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I'll be doing a re-release of Oppression probably in September, followed by Uprising soon after. Then I'll launch the 3rd book along with a box set before the end of the year. Until then, some paperback copies are floating around in the book-o-sphere that are for sale. I'm not sure what the prices will be though. They are the last of the ZOVA Books edition. The new ones will have new covers and a new look.

4. Are you doing any book events?

As soon as my books are re-released I'll be signing up for whatever I can. If you know of any in the Los Angeles/Orange County area let me know. Traveling out of California will be hard with two little munchkins so I won't be attending anything too far away.

Oh, and if you're wondering how I'm managing to pull off a re-release of my book series while being Mommy to a 2-year-old and a newborn. It's not going as smoothly as I'd hoped. This about sums it up...

At least my life is the good kind of crazy :)

What is keeping you busy these days?

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