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Friday, December 7, 2012

Live.Laugh.Love...Baby Brain.

Okay my friends. I'm officially leaving for baby world. My little man isn't supposed to be here for another 4 weeks, but I'm too distracted to keep up my blogging schedule. I've got major baby brain. There are a million things on my plate with Christmas and baby coming...yikes! I'm not saying I'm not going to be blogging at all, just that it might be a bit sporadic and off topic. I'm still writing (believe it or not...). The routine writing tactic is working pretty well for me. The process is a lot slower than I'm used to, but I'm getting there. Book 3 is coming along, slowly but surely :) Bear with me my blogger is about to get crazy.

How I'm imagining life with baby...


Thanks for loving me anyway blogger friends! Sorry I've been the worst at staying connected...bleh. I'll make it up to you in cute baby pics when I'm back in business :)


  1. Hopefully we see you again in a month or more! And hope reality isn't neither of you sleeping.

  2. Four weeks, wow. You're getting close! I'll be here looking forward to the cute baby pics.

  3. Hey,

    Like I've said before... you and Hubster NEED TO GET SOME SLEEP over the next few weeks... I promise... BABY = free 1 year pass to ZOMBIEland of no sleep :)

    PS... if you don't already, get Netflix, so you can watch an HOUR of something while rocking baby at 2:27 a.m. (and then again at 4:19 :)

    PPS... It does get better... we have three boys now and I don't know what to tell you... we keep forgetting how little sleep we get the first year :)

    GOOD LUCK, Merry Christmas to the extending Therrien family and God bless :)