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Friday, April 20, 2012

Live.Laugh.Love...Feeling the Love!

One thing I've learned since OPPRESSION was published is that you can't please everyone. No matter how hard you try, even if you write the most brilliant masterpiece of a novel (which I'm not saying I did...), there will always be those who put you down, who don't like your work, etc. BUT what makes it all worth it are those you touch, who love everything about your writing and reach out to tell you just how much...

I wanted to share with you some of the emails I've gotten that have made it all worth it for me :) In moments where I was discouraged or hurt by someone's comment (yes, authors are people too...we do read the reviews you write and the comments you make...) these emails really made me feel the love!

"Hey just wanted to say GREAT book! Loved it.... soooo.... umm.. hurry up and get the next one written already!!! Jeez :)" - Aly

"I just popped over here from Mark Koopman's blog. I cannot for the life of me remember where I heard about your novel, "Oppression" the first time, but I bought a copy and am now almost half way through. LOVE IT! Wonderful characters and story! Love your spin on Greek Mythology." - Scarlett Stokes

"Hi, I know that this series is in the teen category, however as a 51 y/o my wife and I loved your first book and can't wait until the next one is published. Thank you for an original series and great read." - Hub

"I loved your book! It was all of the details and creative aspects that I would want in an absolutely amazing book! I am a HUGE fan of Greek mythology. Sometimes I felt like I was Elyse and that I had known these characters my whole life. The way that you described that the Gods weren't really gods at all, but people that had special powers and they aged differently, made me look at mythology in a whole different way. I give this book 5 stars all the way. Your book, (in my opinion) was better then the Hunger Games series, Percy Jackson series, and the Matched series, combined! In the end your book took my breath away and I want my own William!" - Tera Vinuela

"Ms. Therrien, I am an avid reader and love really most any type of book, but I must say, I loved your first book Oppression. My wife and I (she's 26, I'm 28) always look for up-and-coming authors on Amazon and Barnes & Noble (she has a Kindle, I have a Nook), and sometimes the do-it-yourselfers get it right. This book was so good that if I knew you, I'd have to give you a high-five because it was very entertaining.
I have been an avid reader all my life, and typically read an average of a book per week. This one is very easily in my Top 10 for the past few years. Good job with this one, and I look forward to reading Book Two." - Ty Davis

"Dear Mrs. Jessica Therrien,
Jeez! Your writing is amazing! I would like to introduce myself. I am LeeArron Klosterman. I am a senior in high school and going off to college next year. I bought a little tablet for Christmas that I am going to take to college. I found out that I could use the 'kindle' app on it. I usually do not like reading, BUT, I got your book on there and my mom was SO impressed that I was reading! I really could not keep my mind off of the storyline. Books on young adults (well, at least appearing to be [haha]) with superhuman qualities or abilities are my favorites! Anyways, I wanted to say thank you for sharing your amazing gift of writing stories with me. I am also here to say that I SOOOO much want to hear back from you and also to know about when the next book comes out. I want to get a hold of it as soon as it does. Thanks-a-million again!
Have a splendid day! and Hope to hear back!
P.S. Also, I wanted to mention that my absolute favorite part of the first book had to be the way you designed Ellie. I could really relate to her. I identified with her on everything (usually the way she felt) every step of the way throughout the book. That made it even more awesome to read!" - LeeArron Klosterman

How have others made you feel the love lately?


  1. A blogger buddy posted a great review of my latest book this week and that definitely made my day!

    1. Great reviews are also awesome :) So grateful for those as well!

  2. Replies
    1. P.S. I'm going to start telling people, "I knew Jessica Therrien before she was famous." ;)

    2. Thanks Carrie :) Yeah, those emails really make me happy! Let's hope I get famous, HA! We writers can dream at least...

  3. Setting aside the love from the wife and kids, not so much lately.

    1. No setting aside wife and kid love :) That's the best kind!!!

  4. Hey Jess, I'm sure even Hemingway had his critics. Everyone I know who read your book LOVED it!

    I tagged you on my blog this week for a question game. Take a look and pass it on.