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Monday, November 14, 2011

The Buzz: Divergent Update

I finally (and reluctantly) finished Divergent last weekend *sigh* which means I have to join the rest of you in waiting for the next book. I was hoping I could hold out on finishing it until Insurgent was released, but that was just unrealistic. The book was basically whispering my name as it sat next to me on my nightstand while I me, Jessica. Please. Read me.

I caved.

Fine Veronica Roth. You win. I can't resist your powers. UGH!

 It's been a week and I'm still thinking about how flippin' awesome it was.

So, in Divergent news...we wait. We salivate over the cover of Insurgent and imagine the genius inside (No pressure Veronica). She's in the editing stage, which means the contents are out there, somewhere in the world...

...AND we check Variety and Entertainment Weekly for any more news on the movie deal. What's that, you say? Movie Deal?


Summit Entertainment has the film rights to Divergent with Doug Wick and Lucy Fisher set to produce it! Come on people...get on it. I want to see this thing on screen already. Sadly there isn't much more news to report, but IMDB lists the date as 2015. Bummer.


  1. Summit is pretty good with novels to movies. Cool news!

  2. I have gone back and forth whether I should just read this. I found it right after I read the Hunger Games series and after reading the first chapter in a book store I wasn't super impressed. I just kept thinking, this is a Hunger Games, wanna be (in a sense.) But lately there is so much hype about this book I might just cave and finally buy it!

  3. wow. a movie!
    i agree w/bonnie
    i read this right after hunger games and that movie comes out in March. they are smart to wait to release another similar ya dystopian underestimated super girl w/ tons of violence & tense romance. let us enjoy katniss, then we will appreciate tris in her own spotlight =)

  4. Waiting until Insurgent comes out is torture! Loved this book--and I really hope the make the movie just as well!

  5. The only thing I didn’t enjoy as much was the ending. It seemed to happen so quickly, which isn’t always bad; it’s just I expected a little than what was there. The good part about the ending is that it did have some sort of closure and didn’t leave you with a total cliff-hanger. The ending was adequate in that nature; it can definitely be considered Part One in the trilogy... it was complete in its own entirety. I just wish there was more to the ending.