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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Side Mission: Quesa-don't

After being such a good sport, my husband was bound to reject at least one of the recipes, and this was it. I was so excited about these quesadillas. I mashed beans and sour cream, mixed squash and grated cheese. I thought they were going to be fantastic.

“These are going to be really good,” I told him. Maybe I jinxed myself.

Sigh. They tasted like mush.

Brian was very sweet. I set it down in front of him, and he ate an entire half claiming, “its’ not horrible.”
I looked at him and took a bite. “I don’t know,” I said. I hated it.
He laughed at the look I had on my face. “Yeah. I’m over it. It was a good try though.”

Good thing I made a backup. We both huddled over a single plate of the plain cheese and chicken quesadilla. What’s that saying? Don’t fix what isn’t broken…there’s just nothing like a plain old chicken and cheese quesadilla. Now that was delicious.

Thanks everyone for going on this little cooking adventure with me. Now back to the world of writing. February is coming up faster than I ever imagined…


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