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Monday, March 28, 2011


Hey All,

Just a few announcements:

1.       I had a FABULOUS weekend with my SCWC buddies…so fun hanging out with people who love writing just as much as I do.

2.       Speaking of SCWC (Southern California Writers Conference).  They posted a little success story blurb about me on their website!  Check it out:  SCWC Success Story Blurb

3.       Also, I just wanted to give special thanks to author Michele Scott who introduced me to the people at ZOVA.  Without her support, I might still be sending out queries (yuck!).  Thanks a million Michele!  Michele’s new novel HAPPY HOUR just came out in March.  It is currently available in e-book form on or Barnes & Noble and will be available in print shortly (copies are on back order).
Here is a link to a review of the book: Happy Hour Review


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