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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Writing World: Book Launch Announcement!

What a month! I've been thinking, breathing, and living writing's non-stop, but awesome. Over the weekend I attended the annual Southern California Writers Conference in San Diego where I got to celebrate the upcoming release of my debut novel Oppression (Children of the Gods #1). A year ago at that very conference I was discovered by ZOVA Books and signed with them a few weeks later. To celebrate our anniversary, ZOVA gave me an amazing gift...I was able to sell my book in advance! We set out a table where my book sat next to other great authors' works (New York Times #1 bestselling authors Michael Blake (“Dances With Wolves,” “The Holy Road,” “Into The Stars”) and Anna Lee Waldo (“Sacajawea,” “Watch the Face of the Sky”), as well as SCWC director Wes Albers (“Black & White”), and Kirkus Star recipient Clive London (“Prince Albert and the Doomsday Device”). It was the first time I got to sign my author signature...all swoopy and cool looking ;) Thanks everyone who bought my book and supported me at the conference!

Selling my book in advance was a great feeling, it was a taste of what my official book launch will be like. That's launch! Woohooo! Barnes & Noble will be hosting an official book launch for me in Fullerton, CA on March 3rd (Saturday) at 4:00pm.

Here's where I beg and plead for you to come...please please, pretty please come! I know that's borderline pathetic...ok, full blown pathetic, but this is my first book! I'm having these nightmares of sitting alone in the store with a huge pile of books. Kind of traumatizing...

If you do come, I promise it will be fun. I'll say a few thanks, read my favorite passage, and sign books. Then if I get real super famous you can say, "oooh look what I have," and sell it for a million dollars (I go back and forth between the nightmares and this, lol). Thanks in advance to everyone who comes! I'll make sure to repay the favor.

When: March 3rd (Saturday)
What Time: 4:00PM
Amerige Heights Town Center,
1923 West Malvern Avenue,
Fullerton, CA 92833

I hope to see you all there!!


  1. That's quite a drive. Not sure I'm going to make it, but still, that is amazing!!

  2. Your next goal should be to have a book signing in Ohio. ;)

  3. Aw, poo! Too bad CA's so far from Wisconsin!! :(

  4. Good luck with your book launch. I couldn't find your book on my Kindle, though (as I like to support fellow bloggers.) Sorry.

  5. I would definitely be there if I was in California!

  6. If I was in Cali I would be there in a heartbeat! So exciting. And I heard wonderful things about you and your book at the San Diego conference! :) Very exciting and almost HERE!

  7. I don't live near there or I would come! Congrats though!!

  8. Sooooo exciting!! If I lived on that side of the word I would TOTALLY be coming to support you. And that writers conference must have been so much fun! What a weird feeling that only a year ago at the very same place you and your writing were "discovered" ;-)

  9. Hey there! I'm finally making the rounds and getting to other campaigners' blogs.

    Wow! That sounds like so much fun! I wish you the best of luck with your release! I'll keep my eyes out for it!

  10. Good luck Jess!! So wish I could be there for your book selling at B&N!! No worries, you'll nail it!!

    I'll be thinking of you! It's going to be an amazing day!!!

  11. I sooo wish I were still in Cali to come visit your launch!! I just started Oppression last night and was up SO late reading. Loving it utterly and completely :)