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MY BOOKS: The Loneliest Whale

THE LONELIEST WHALE, my first children's book, is a story I've had in my heart for a long time, and it was inspired by a real whale. If you haven't heard of The Loneliest Whale, feel free to look him up, I'm sure you'll quickly fall in love with him. I did, and with that I felt compelled to write him a happy ending.

I first heard of the whale in a BBC article my husband showed me:

In 1989 US Naval ships were using hydrophones called SOSUS to pick up enemy submarine signals. Instead of finding enemy ships, they picked up strange whale songs. One specific whale song in fact.

This specific whale was calling out at a frequency not used by any other whale. It's song was different, identifying him as one of a kind.
"It is perhaps difficult to accept that if this was a whale, that there could have been only one of this kind in this large oceanic expanse," Watkins and his colleagues wrote. "Yet in spite of comprehensive careful monitoring year-round, only one call with these characteristics has been found anywhere, and there has been only one source each season."
The Loneliest Whale has made quite a name for himself. In fact, a foundation called 52 The Search went on an oceanic voyage to find the whale. They'll be releasing their documentary in the fall.

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