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Sunday, June 2, 2013


Thanks to Brandon & KT for kicking off day 2 of my blog tour!!

Brandon Ax – Interview
K.T. Hanna - Interview & Giveaway

If you're only here for prizes, scroll on down for details :) If you want to see me dance & watch the cutest video ever...vuala!

...Things are a lot different for me this go 'round...

How I celebrated the release of Oppression:

How I'm spending my days now (WARNING - CUTENESS FACTOR 10):

Very different...but equally fun :) 

Throughout the tour I'll be collecting comments from all of the blog tour stops. At the end, I'll select a random winner. They'll get an UPRISING poster, an UPRISING notebook, and a signed copy of OPPRESSION. Thanks in advance to everyone who checks out the blog tour posts, and thanks to all of the bloggers who were nice enough to invite me over to their blogs.

During the tour I'll also be doing a promotion for the $0.99 UPRISING e-book. If you purchase it for Kindle or NOOK, enter here to win a signed copy of UPRISING.


June 1st - Sat.
Christa Yelich-Koth – Interview

June 2nd - Sun.
Brandon Ax – Interview
K.T. Hanna - Interview/Giveaway

June 3rd - Mon.
Kindred Dreamheart – Book Review & Guest Post
Hypable –Book Review & Giveaway

June 4th - Tue.
Meradeth Houston – Interview & Book Review
Bookmarks – Interview

June 5th - Wed.
So You're a Writer – Guest Post
Ann Marie Meyers – Interview

June 6th - Thurs.
Rebekah Loper – Book Review
Darkest Addictions – Book Review & Interview
Synchronized Reading – Guest Post

June 7th - Fri.
Dyadic Echoes – Interview & Guest Post
Dazzled by Books – Book Review & Guest Post
Mr. Book Wonder – Book Review & Guest Post

June 8th - Sat.
Andi's Young Adult Books – Interview & Book Review
Tattoo Girl Reads – Interview, Giveaway & Book Review 

June 9th - Sun.
In This World of Books – Interview Book Review
Melanie Fowler – Vlog: writing advice

June 10th - Mon.
Alex J. Cavanaugh – Guest Post
Hypable - Interview
CoverGirls - Interview
June 11th - Tue.
Bookaholic-ness – Book Review & Interview

June 12th - Wed.
OMFG Books – Playlist & Giveaway
Shattering Words – Interview
Erin York – Book Review

June 13th - Thurs.
Fictitious Musings – Excerpt
Lili Lost in a Book – Book Review
Sucked Into Books - Book Review

June 14th - Fri.
Book Mark Belles – Book Review

June 15th - Sat.
Dani Bertrand – Guest Post
Artsy Musings of a Bibliophile – Book Review


  1. Haha! Great way to celebrate and the cute factor is almost too much!!! Congrats on the release I'm sure it'll be awesome and I will try my best to stalk your tour <3

  2. Already visited Brandon this morning!
    Not sure who was more interested in the bubbles - your baby or your cat.