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Friday, August 17, 2012

Live.Laugh.Love...Boy or Girl?

Okay baby psychics...what is it, a boy or girl? Pretty much everyone in my family is betting boy. Either way the little one is strong. This is my first, and I started feeling substantial kicks at week 14. I've had several dreams about girl babies (but that might be because I have two baby nieces). To contradict that, my mother-in-law, who claims to know these things, has had several dreams about boy babies. So there you go...I'm just as lost as you are.

If everything goes as planned, and the little bugger isn't hiding the goods from me, I should find out on Monday :) In the meantime...what's your vote?


  1. My sister is having a girl, so I'm guessing yours will be a boy.

    ...Yep, that's my logic. ;) So excited, either way!

  2. Girl! No logic or strategy...just totally random guessing, lol

  3. Good Grief, Charlie Brown :)

    Reading Alex's blog, Wednesday, all of a sudden I realize I haven't visited in a while and look!

    A baby is on the way :)

    SUPER congrats to you and hubby and also congrats on the Book Reveal... nice :)

    PS... one tip... in the weeks before baby (it's a girl, by the way) is born... GET. SOME. SLEEP.