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Monday, March 12, 2012

Oppression Blog Tour - Day 12

Today is Monday, which means I'm mourning the loss of my pajamas...yes, I'm in perfectly normal business attire working people clothes. Bleh. In book news, Oppression is still the  #5 best-selling teen NOOK book on B&N! Is it so wrong of me to want it to stay there? It's so cool seeing my book next to the Hunger Games. *grins*

Over the next 15 days I'll be collecting comments from all of the blog tour stops. At the end, I'll pull one lucky winner out of a hat. They'll win an Oppression poster, an Oppression notebook, and a signed copy of Oppression. Thanks in advance to everyone who checks out the blog tour posts, and thanks to all of the bloggers who were nice enough to invite me over to their blogs.

Today two awesome bloggers are hosting me on their blogs. Sophia the Writer is having me over for a guest post and giveaway! Thanks Sophia :) Brinda Berry has posted some songs from the Oppression playlist! Thanks Brinda :)

Throughout the tour I'll also be doing a promotion for the $.99 Oppression e-book. If you purchase it for Kindle or NOOK, enter here to win a signed copy of Oppression.


March 1
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March 2
K.T. Hanna - Guest Post
Soumi Roy - Book Review

March 3
Inspired Kathy - Interview & Giveaway
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March 4
Book Chelle - Guest Post
Sana Shams - Book Review & Giveaway

March 5
Carrie Butler - Interview
Melanie Fowler - Interview

March 6
Rebekah Loper - Interview
Leigh Covington - Interview
Precious - Interview

March 7
Word Spelunking - Book Review & Guest Post
J.C. Martin - Interview
Sarah Hoss - Interview

March 8
Becky - Interview
Tia - Book Review & Interview

March 9
Mr. Book Wonder - Book Review

March 10
Nicola O'Sullivan - Book Review
Liliana Espinoza - Book Review & Interview
Rebekah Loper - Book Review
The Story Siren - Giveaway

March 11
Sam Bella - Guest Post
Avery Marsh - Excerpt from Oppression
Hilda - Book Review & Interview

March 12
Sophia - Guest Post & Giveaway
Brinda Berry - Oppression Playlist

March 13
Cherie Colyer - Interview
Juliana Brandt - Interview
Juhina & Farah - Interview
Book Mark Belles - Interview
Catching Books - Interview & Giveaway

March 14
Jaime Morrow - Interview
Meradeth - Book Review & Interview
Janina - Book Review & Interview
Jess's Book Blog - Book Review
omfgbooks - Book Review

March 15
Claire - Guest Post
Tattoogirl Reads - Book Review, Interview, & Giveaway
Katrina - Book Review & Giveaway
Maria Qadi - Interview
Wendy Darling - Book Review & Giveaway
K.T. Hanna - Book Review
The Teenage Years - Interview

*March 16 - extended tour date
Manga Maniac Cafe - Book Review & Interview

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  1. Already saw you at Brinda's this morning. One more week!

  2. Congrats at still being #5! And no it's not bad. :)

  3. you've been working so hard, you deserve an award!

  4. I love the idea of a playlist!!

  5. What a cool giveaway! This is already on my list (and I'll be buying it for this weekend...YAY)!