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Friday, November 4, 2011

Live.Laugh.Love: Inspiration

This week, we’ll cater to those of us who are completely possessive over our WIPs and don’t want to give anything too telling away. Instead of posting something intimate about our writing, post a picture or piece of music that describes your WIP.
What do you look to when you write? What inspires you? How else do you use your creativity? Music? Pictures? Art?

I love writing. I know that's obvious, but when others want to talk about writing and what inspires my writing, it gets me excited. I've posted these pictures before, but they still remind me so much of OPPRESSION. I see my characters when I look at these photos. Elyse is quiet, shy, and lonely. Because of who she is (or what she is) she doesn't allow herself to have friends or fall in love, but when she meets William, everything changes. Life seems perfect...for a while. Time is not on her side.


Saves The Day - Hold
Foofighters - Everlong
Bright Eyes - First Day of My Life
Des'ree - Kissing You

Music truly inspires a lot of my writing. More so than pictures. I'm sort of in need for new music. Any suggestions? What songs have been inspiring your work lately? 


  1. those are really great pictures, together they definitely tell a story of love and loss at the same time.

  2. Love the kissing picture and the contorted trees. Good luck with the 2 books.

  3. Aww, I love how much you got into this! Your pictures are beautiful :)

  4. Inspiration is everywhere. I might be driving down the road and see a billboard that makes me think of a scene. Or, hear a song (David Cook's 'Come Back To Me' inspired an entire change in my plot). When something like that happens, I go with it.

  5. This website is beautiful! Did you make the background yourself?

    Saw your link on Warm Fuzzies and wanted to drop by, say "hi", and follow your blog :)


  6. I like that they're all black and white. And the one in the bed looks so peaceful...

  7. Very inspiring photos--they definitely tell a story i would love to read!

  8. I LOVE these photos! As for music... any kind of trance is very inspiring to me. The fluid and upbeat sounds are perfect for writing! Some of my faves: Above & Beyond, Ayla, Inna.

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