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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Side Mission - Code Name Spaghetti

Okay. First let me give you a little behind the scenes info.
Jessica Seinfeld's spaghetti with butternut squash and carrots required I steam carrots and blend them. That didn't go as planned. First mistake: I completely burned the bottom of the pan by not putting enough water (or maybe I left it too long...I was editing). On top of that, I found out my blender (for lack of a better word) SUCKS! The carrots were salvaged, and I threw them in to be pureed only to hear the motor whine and give up within the first two seconds. So commenced the hand mashing of the carrots. At least the butternut squash was a breeze (despite the hand mashing).

I had been literally waiting all day with ants in my pants to get home and cook this, but as soon as I started mixing I began to worry about a backup plan. What if this tasted like sand or something else horribly traumatizing? So I cooked two versions. We'll call Jessica Seinfeld's version Exhibit A and my revised concoction Exhibit B.

Exhibit A contains all the good stuff: organic carrots, organic butternut squash, organic tomatoes, and is made essentially from scratch.

Exhibit B (Backup Plan) is my old version of Spaghetti (canned sauce) with the squash, minus carrots and organic tomatoes. Basically I took her recipe for the meat and combined it with our favorite canned sauce.

And the verdict is....


They tasted almost exactly the same--delicious.

Bowls are empty, bellies full. I'm a happy camper.


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